Candle DIY attempt

As much as I’d like to I’m not necessarily “gifted” when it comes to DIY or to anything that requires some manual skills for that matter but it clearly doesn’t prevent me from trying. I even plan on using this blog as a journal of my progress ( and yes I’ m planning on involving a sewing machine in my DIY progression).

I chose a supposedly simple project and wanted to re-use my candles leftovers to make brand new ones so I browsed the web for tutorials and how-to’s.

candle melt

Melting candle leftovers in a bain-marie

candle prep

Holding the wick with an improvised installation involving a pasta tool & a wooden cloth peg

candle prepping

waiting for the melted wax to be poured in

DIY candle

Letting the wax cooling down before enjoying a couple of homemade candles

Overall I’m quite pleased with how my first homemade candles turned out even though I did let too much water when melting my leftovers so the I only get a weak flame. But at least I know what I did wrong so I’m quite confident I can  make them perfect next time.

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